Uplift your dating life

Uplift your dating life

UPliftdating.com helps you to make the best of your dating life.

Get “tactics” and tips those will help you to improve your dating.

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Quick dating tips:


  • How to easily flirt with a woman on a public place, like in a bar? Look at her, let her look back to you, have brief eye contact, have a hint of smile and then turn your head away calmly and without rush.


  • When asking for her number give her a reason why she should give it. For example, so that you can have coffee together. Very simple, but it works much better than just asking for number. Example how to do it: “Give your number and let’s have coffee together at some day.”


  • How to make things more physical on first date? Start with slight physical contact. For example, lean a little bit towards her and touch her hand lightly and briefly. Or have a gentle touch on her shoulder when you go to get another drink.