Read these 10 date ideas before your next date

Read these 10 date ideas before your next date

Read these 10 date ideas before your next date


Date ideas for indoors

1. Maybe the most obvious one; have a coffee or drink in some comfy place and have pleasant chatting with your date. Choose some place where the background noise is low enough, so you can discuss without yelling. Some privacy is good too, it is hard to feel intimate if you feel like being at display window.

2. Play billiard. This one is fun because you get to talk, to do something while talking and to have a little bit excitement. You don’t need to be good at it, just play and have fun.

3. Go bowling. This is fun too as you can play and talk at the same time. Maybe not as intimate as billiard but as a game it’s more fun.

4. Go into museum. This one is good because you two can wander around, look things together and to discuss about those things. Museum is better than looking art because it is easier to have fun by looking some old piece of stuff than trying to figure out art. However, if you know that art is the thing for you both, then go for it.

5. Go shopping. Shopping is fun when you wander around and look things for fun. Hunting for some specific item around stores is best to be left for some another time. Wander around stores, have some coffee, eat something and have fun with your date.


Date ideas for outdoors

1. Go mini golfing. This is fun and not so serious game. You can talk to each other while playing and yet have little excitement.

2. Go frisbee golfing. Very similar dating activity than mini golf. Go out there and have fun.

3. Have a walk in the park or nature. This is the classic; you can talk to each other and at the same time wander in beautiful surroundings.

Couple walking in nature

Nature has great surroundings for a date.


4. Go boating. Requires the boat but if you have one or can rent one you can have memorable moments with your date. Not the best activity for the first date but good for later on. Remember boating safety if you choose to go boating.

5. Have a picnic in park or nature. Take prepared meals with you or cook at the spot with disposable grill. With either way you can easily talk with your date and eat delicious food in beautiful surroundings.

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