How to flirt? Learn now

How to flirt? Learn now

How to flirt?

Flirting is an essential skill in dating. This is how you do it.


Getting the right mindset for flirting

Flirting requires right mindset. Get into a state of being open and ready for interaction. You want some interaction, right? To sum it up: be curious, observe your surroundings and be open for interaction.


What flirting is?

Time to flirt, but let’s look at first what flirting is and what it is not.

Flirting is:

● Making contact
● Being curious
● Making day better for both of you

Flirting is not:

● Staring
● Harassing
● Inappropriate jokes
● Commitment


How to flirt

● Be curious
● Make eye contact for a few seconds
● Have a hint of smile
● Calmly turn your eyesight away
● Congrats, you have just flirted

This is the basis for all flirting. You can do all sort of variations but “having it in your eyes” makes it different from regular interactions. Follow the instructions above and you will have it in your eyes. Have fun.

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