Use these Tinder tips for success

Use these Tinder tips for success

Use these Tinder tips for success


Tinder can be very challenging place to meet women but when done right also very rewarding. Learn the tips to succeed in Tinder.


Tinder profile


Let’s start from the most obvious one: get good photos. Good photos are clear, have good lightning and you are in it. Most if not all photos should include just you, not also your friends, etc. Pets are the only exemption to this rule.

Have at least one facial photo that clearly shows your face (without sunglasses). Some other photo should include you from tip to toes. The rest of the photos can be about just anything that represents you and your personality well. However, use good taste in these ones too. Some photos about you doing some of your favorite hobby is usually a good one.

Groom yourself before taking the photos, have clean clothes and in generally make the best impression. You don’t need to smile but looking like social guy is always a big plus. After all, dating is a social game.

Have good pictures, don’t skip this one. There is lot of competition in Tinder. You don’t need to be model to succeed inTinder but you need good photos.


Profile text

Start the profile text with something that tells the essential about you in one or two sentences. The idea is that reader gets a glimpse about you by just reading the beginning of your profile text.

Tell quite frankly what you are looking for. It will bring trust and it will save time for you and the women. Being quite honest also helps you to differentiate as not that many guys do so.

Have some call to action or catch in your message. For example, “If you liked my profile hit me with a message!”


Couple on a date

Succeed in Tinder with these tips.


Messaging in Tinder

You both have swiped right, and you are now connected, now what? Look at her photos and profile text. Try to find some detail in her photos or profile text to start conversation from. If you can’t find anything from the profile then start the conversation from some topic that is relevant at the moment, like; “How was your weekend?”

When you have found something to start conversation from, make it as a question. When you ask question it naturally tempts people to answer back. Good question is about her, not too serious and definitely not boring.


How to get a date in Tinder?

Okay, you have opened conversation with her. Now wait her to answer. Let’s assume you made question as suggested. You might get an opportunity to make more in-depth follow-up question based on her answer. Follow-up question is good because you can show that you “listened” her. Everybody likes to be noted, especially women.

Keep the conversation fun, ask questions and so on, but don’t make it be like interview. The whole point in here is to make connection with her and to keep the messaging going on. You two build connection and trust so that you have enough confidence and trust to get on a date. You don’t need to know her life history, you just need to get on the date. Getting that opportunity is the most important thing in here. Though it should be noted that if you don’t happen to like her after some messaging, then just let it be.


Final step for the date

After you both have built trust and connected with each other the rest will play along. Getting on date is natural next step and you will get it at this point. The right moment to suggest date depends on your age and cultural background. Young people it might be okay with one day of messaging, older people from few days to week. When there is a feeling “Okay, we like and trust each other, what next?” then suggest the date.

Suggest having some coffee or drinks and have fun. It is good idea to suggest “coffee or drinks” because you don’t want to force anyone to drink alcohol, and if she likes to have drink to take the edge off, then you should give her that option. She will answer in 99% of time what she prefers but if she doesn’t then suggest either one. Get on the date and have fun.


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