What to do after first date?

What to do after first date?

What to do after first date?

Okay, you two were on a date. Now what?

Assessing the situation

It is good to be honest about how the date went. Were you having fun? Did you like her? Did she like you? If the date went well then take things forward, if it went bad, then let it be. Let’s be positive and assume the date went well. What next?


Next steps after the date

Okay, the date went well, now what? The first thing is that you should ask this question before the date is over. While you are still on the date and you know that you want to see each other again, plan for the next step.

During the first date you get to know her a little bit. Now that you know some of her likes and dislikes you can use that information to plan the next step. Let’s say that she told that she likes walking in parks. When you are about saying goodbyes after the date suggest that you should see each other again and maybe take a walk in the park.

When you want to see her again you should suggest seeing each other again. Don’t let it linger: suggest next date and some activity you know she likes. You can set the date too if it seems like a right move, but it is not necessary at this point, you can agree on it later. Naturally you will be in touch with her as you have just agreed to go on another date.


Couple having coffee on a date

Play it right and you will get the next date.



Okay, so now you have agreed the next date with her. Keep in touch with her while waiting to see her again; ask how her day went, etc. but don’t bombard her with messages.

Messaging intensity depends about how and when you got to know in the first place. If you met in Tinder then you are probably more used to message with each other versus if you met her in a bar at previous night. Use common sense in here but the rule of thumb is to keep
in touch with her but not to message with her all the time.

If you haven’t yet agreed the time for the next date suggest some time few days before the planned time. It is a good practice to suggest two times within the same day or for different day. It is easier that way and you have better chance for getting yes answer for your suggestion. It is also more considerate towards her.

As your relations deepens with her the communication between you two naturally evolves and becomes more natural. Until you two have established your own way of communication it is good to follow guidelines presented in this article. Have fun.





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